Location, Location, Location!

I had once read an article that Stephanie Meyers, the author of the Twilight Saga, The Host and her new book The Chemist had never visited Forks, Washington – the site of Twilight and its sequels when she wrote the first book in the series. But with the internet she was able to make this small, wet hamlet, real to her fans.

When I wrote Through the Fire it took place in Houston, Texas.  Houston is a place I have lived on and off for most of my live, most recently for 22 years.

So putting the characters Daniel and Michael and also Daniel’s brother David and his husband Kelly into the spaces which they lived, worked and visited, was easy.  I knew them.

Daniel lived in Montrose area of Houston near downtown because that’s where David and Kelly’s condo – that they rented to Daniel – was.

Michael had a bungalow in the historic Heights also near downtown.  She was near her job via the freeway system. David and Kelly lived in the far west suburb of Katy.

The FBI Trilogy I am currently working on has three sisters under witness protection in three different parts of the country. In book one, Cat Conners is under protection in Palm Springs, California. I have family there so there is some help with location.  Book two finds Cat’s identical twin Esperanza in central Minnesota.  And in book three, Olli Rose is on one of the San Juan Islands in the Puget Sound of Washington.

Through the use of the internet, I can place a house on the specific and real street, look what is around there.  How far to the grocery store and its name or where the nearest Sushi Bar is.

This has allowed me to put my characters in places I have never been to myself.

What a wonderful took and also a great adventure.

Remember…keep reading!

Raj Lowenstein