The US Review of Books – Book 2

Love Behind the Mask
by Raj Lowenstein
Trafford Publishing

The US Review of Books


“Even under all those prosthetics, that mask we insisted you wear, you ooze sensuality.”

Esperanza Ricardo Maria O’Connor, the twin sister of A-List movie star Cat Conners, is an accomplished woman in her way; a master pianist and singer, she also owns a handful of multi-million dollar businesses. When Cat runs into trouble, Esperanza is disguised as a man named Ricky and put into protective custody by the FBI in the home of retired agent Kyle Moran. With a new name, voice, and body, Esperanza must do her best to lay low and get along with Agent Moran without revealing her identity to him. But as Esperanza and Moran adapt to the situation at hand, they find themselves dangerously drawn to each other.

Full of sass and tension, this opposites-attract romance novel hits all the right notes as the protagonists overcome each other’s emotional barriers. Esperanza is a strong woman, thrown into a situation completely new and scary, and she does her best to respond with kindness. Moran, too, is kind, but only after a few rough starts. The magnetism between the two slowly starts to become apparent once Moran sees “Ricky” as a friend and not an assignment. All of the author’s main characters are full of heart, adding warmth to a situation as cold as the Minnesota winter Esperanza and the agents must brave. The supporting cast of Agent Villareal and Fine, as well as Father Moran, provide guidance and encouragement to Esperanza as she waits out her custody. Although this is the second book of a trilogy, the reader needs no previous knowledge of the first book to enjoy this one.

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