My husband and I recently migrated from the Texas Gulf Coast of the Houston Metropolitan area to the beautiful majestic Pacific Northwest. We left behind children, a parent, siblings and a lifetime of friends scattered from Corpus Christi to the Houston/Galveston area as well as central Texas.

We sat up watching the Weather Channel almost every night for the past few days.  I have as well as my husband, been texting, FaceTiming and calling our loved ones to make sure they are safe.

My sister’s house is an island.  Family from Corpus Christi went north. Our children, so far are fine.  My mother’s house unfortunately wasn’t a boat.

We have heard from friends, us checking with them and them with us.

Water is such a devastating thing.

My mother lived through what they, those from Manhattan Kansas, called the “Flood of 51.”  Mom said in her text to me this morning, “This reminds me of the flood of ’51.”  Having grown up and hearing the story of this flood, I can visualize my sister and mom’s current situation.

All that is left is to pray. I am saying mine….
To all my Family and Friends in Texas…I am sending my Prayers and love your way!

Thank you for your time and as always “Keep Reading!”

Raj Lowenstein