I just finished reading an article about self-editing your work.  This self-editing happens even before your editor get her hands on the rough draft.  It made a lot of sense, and lucky for me, I was already doing almost everything it seems I should be doing.

When I started writing As Long As You’re Here, I had no idea it would developed into a trilogy, let alone the middle book of three.  Before I started writing The Cat and The Blue Sky, I had to go back and not only reread As Long As You’re Here, but make a timeline of what took place in the book so that both the first and third book could follow suit.  Additionally, there were comments and phone conversations needing to be replicated.  Thank goodness for Copy and Paste; it made that particular job very easy.

I go back and double check, rereading all or part of one book while working on the other.  If a character has blue eyes in one book, yet has hazel in the other, a savvy reader will catch that. When the handsome villain walked into a room full of people with a full beard only to have a clean- shaven face by the time he reaches our heroine across the room, I should suppose a reader might just put the book down.

It’s nice to learn, when you are a novice, the things you are doing are the right ones. Puts a smile on your lip, or at least mine!

Thank you for your time and as always “Keep Reading!”

Raj Lowenstein



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