The Joy of the F Word!

I think cursing is a bunch of malarkey. Brian Wilson

Ok, just a show of hands if you have or have been told you have a “potty mouth.”  (I know you can’t see me, but both hands are in the air!)

I love the F word.  It is almost cathartic when it rolls off my tongue. The shape and the force which it requires to inform someone they are a “F#$khead!”  Oh the pleasure, when either vocally or with the all magic middle finger, you enlighten the clueless of your opinion, perhaps about them, perhaps just in general.

As I have gotten older and have acquired grandchildren, I have attempted to use cleaner vocabulary.  All the time, no! However, certainly not if little ears are about.

My eldest son, Jeff, once yelled at the top of his little three year old voice for everyone within earshot to “Fuck off!”  Where did this offense happen?  Why on a Saturday morning in the supermarket. I know I am not the only parent who has experienced this sort of rude awaking.

We laugh about it now, as he is a father.

So is it alright to have a character in a book use foul words.  I look to the experts who I read for guidance. #NoraRoberts, #StephenKing, #DeanKoontz, #JacquelineSusann and #CliveCussler all have had people populating their stories who might drop the “F” bomb occasionally or it is just part of who they are.

I like a mouthy character.  I need to discover one for my next book.

Thank you for your time and as always “Keep Reading!”

Raj Lowenstein


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