Location Change…again!

On 4 December 2016, I posted a blog titled “Location, Location, Location!” Today’s blog is connected to that.

In the book Through the Fire, Michael Braun and Daniel Hartman live and work in Houston, Texas.  I lived there for several decades and I know the area well.  It was easy to put the characters at the local hot spots or recreate the notorious traffic on the 610 Loop.  It was my home.

I had posted on “Location, Location, Location!” that with today’s technology, I don’t have to go to the middle of Minnesota for my second book in the FBI Trilogy.  Google and Google Maps helped me find what and where the characters needed to go even if it was a local place for Esperanza O’Conner and Kyle Moran to rent DVDs.

In the first book of the FBI Trilogy, Cat Conners is placed under witness protection in Palm Springs, California.  This was an easier place for me as I have family there.  It was easy to text my cousins and ask, “Where would you go for a good breakfast on the weekend?”  “What is your favorite Mexican Restaurant?” (I worship Mexican food!) Using their input and technology, I was able to let Cat and her FBI Agent ‘Mason Park’ explore – as much as was possible – Palm Springs and the surrounding area.

Soon, I will begin the third and final book of the FBI Trilogy.  This book will take place a bit closer to my home now in northwest Washington.  The Puget Sound is full of small islands, many which have ‘camps’ or summer homes.  The smaller of these islands often are only assessable via boats. This is where Olli Rose Bergstrom will find herself sequestered.

If I drive a few miles from my home, I can see several islands. Recently my husband and I walked the many trails that meander through our community. This particular trail, at one end, deposited us at a rocky beach. Like a slap to the forehead, it was “why not put Olli Rose’s story in my own backyard?”


This gives me an opportunity to learn more about my new home and places the story in a familiar location as it had in Through the Fire.


Thank you for your time and as always “Keep Reading!”

Raj Lowenstein