Cats and Dogs!

My friend Teri W. asked me not long ago if any of my books had animals in them.  Why did she ask?

I have animals, dogs and cats.  I have always had at least one of these furry babies in my life.

I have a future story about a magical raven, but no normal messy, lovable cat or dog.

This will soon change as I begin working on the third book in my FBI Trilogy.

Someone once commented one should never trust anyone who doesn’t have a pet.


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Until next week,

Raj Lowenstein

Cleaning House!

Cleaning house can mean so many different things.

Today, I cleaned my house before the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah started.
I once worked for a company that the owner “cleaned house” and laid off many of the employees that had been with the company since it had started.

Sometimes when I am writing, I have to clean house of all the dust buddies dancing around in my head. The need to clear the space so the creative process can happen.

Recently my family moved across the country.  We were very excited and looking forward to spending our lives in the beautiful northwest – although I am constantly on the lookout for a “Cullen.[1]

There is so much stuff bouncing around, I have yet been able to do more than get out the “broom” and threaten the poor dust bunnies.

However, I feel a manic cleaning session is on the horizon.

Wish me luck!

Raj Lowenstein


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The Chemist

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[1] Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer –