“A capacity and taste for reading gives access to whatever has already been discovered by others.” – Abraham Lincoln

Hello Readers,

I think that as a writer, the importance of being a reader cannot be understated.  Reading gives me ideas.  It changes how I see things or introduce me things I would not have known before.

I read for fun but under that I read to learn.  Writing sex scenes for my books are a weird experience.  Seeing how successful writers such as Nora Roberts, Christina Dodd, James Patterson and E. L. James does it allowed me to say, “Oh, well maybe I can use that word after all” or perhaps, “I could have my couples do that.”

Should it be graphic? Should it me chaste?  Always good questions.

When I was writing the character “Catfish” in my book Through the Fire, I was worried about being to “creepy.”  I expressed to a friend – Jeremiah Sammons, also a publish author, my concern.  “What would people think?” I asked him.

He said to me, “Why the hell would you care.  It a creepy-psycho in a book. You want your readers to have their skin crawled when they are reading.  Do you think Stephen King worries about that people think?”

And so, “Catfish” was a weird and screwed-up as I could make him.

RAJ Lowenstein