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NEEDVILLE, Texas – Author Raj Lowenstein remembers a conversation she heard said where someone said that her past, despite all her best efforts, kept popping up and sometimes it was like having to start her life all over again. It gave her the inspiration to weave a story of love and hope amidst danger and suspense. She marks her debut into the literary world with the publication of “Through the Fire” (published by Trafford Publishing).


The face of evil is sometimes all too familiar and frequently closer than one thinks. The face of love is often unexpected, but real love is always worth fighting for. In this book, readers follow Daniel Hartmann and Michael Braun as they enter into a new relationship which is scary and full of surprises. They learn along the way that everyone comes with a baggage. That baggage, however small or large, must be processed.  Daniel and Michael’s journey is not special except from the fact that someone is out to kill Michael. Daniel has been pulled, unknowingly, into a dangerous situation neither is aware of.


An excerpt from the book:


Maybe it wouldn’t last.

But maybe, just maybe, it would.


With its well-drawn characters and compelling storyline, “Through the Fire” showcases the intricacies of family, relationship and love. It touches upon the issues of the LGBT communities which are a part of the dialog and fabric of many people’s lives today.


“Through the Fire”

By Raj Lowenstein

Hardcover | 5.5×8.5in | 290 pages | ISBN 9781490768403

Softcover | 5.5×8.5in | 290 pages | ISBN 9781490768380

E-Book | 290 pages | ISBN 9781490768397

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About the Author

Raj Lowenstein lives with her husband, two dogs and two cats.  Their three children and three grandchildren live in Colorado and Texas. She has a bachelors’ degree in American Sign Language interpreting with a minor in Jewish studies from the University of Houston. She started writing “Through the Fire” in 2004 while attending Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. for a semester.  Even though she has had poems published in literary magazines, it only took her 40 years to decide that it was okay to actually get a book published.


Houston Locals

Are you familiar with Pappadeaux, Yia Yia Mary’s, Katz’ Deli and the Starbucks on Montrose Blvd and Hawthorne Street.  Do you know the Montrose, Kirby, Mid-Town and Rice Village areas of Houston.

Follow Daniel, Michael, David and Kelly as they live their lives in the Houston Metropolitan Area.

Also, check out the restaurants and tell the managers you read about them in Through the Fire.