Exciting News

Good morning all.

Through the Fire is taking off nicely.  The process of marketing is an interesting one. So, I am working on that with wonderful people helping.

I am also working on a Trilogy.

The FBI Trilogy will share the stories of three sisters; Catalina, Esperanza and Olli Rose.  What happens when Catalina, AKA Cat Connors, witnesses a drug cartel hit not only affects her but her two sisters in different corners of the country.

Stay tuned!

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Raj Lowenstein

Reader Review

Teri Wathen said, “Do you like to read? Here is my recommendation of a great book: “Through the Fire” by Raj Lowenstein. Lots of ASL (sign language), mystery, romance, sex, LGBT, intrigue, religious fanaticism, and a surprise ending! I loved it! Let me know what you think.”